Our Story

It wasn’t too long ago that baked products were produced in a brick oven and most meals where cooked on an old-time coal stove. The products were delicious. Despite using more modern methods, the present-day Jamaican Culinary Experience is no less exciting to the palate.

The Jamaican Culinary Experience

Jamaica's Culinary History began a long time before the days of coal stove and brick ovens, and its evolution reflects the history of the island. In fact, it could be described as “out of many, one pot.” In recent years, Jamaicans have re-discovered their culinary heritage and adapted many traditional recipes to accommodate the varying taste of new generation at home and abroad, as well as visitors to the island who themselves having been captivated by Jamaican Cusine.

Hot & Spicy Jerk BBQ

Although much of Jamaican cooking is hot and spicy, no aspect of the local cuisine has captured the taste and palate of visitors as much as the jerk bbq, which has been transformed from simple roadside fare into a favorite Jamaican bbq dish. Five Loaves and Two Fishes Food Truck will offer the best Jamaican Cuisine with some of the most popular sides dishes such as Plantain, Festival, Rice and Peas, bammy and more, as well as serving up the best jerk products such as jerk chicken, jerk pork, and jerk bbq ribs.


Donovan Campbell is a distinguished professional and master of the kitchen in the field of food service. He has extensive experience as an executive chef in hotel resorts, in restaurant operations and gourmet food preparation. Armed with incomparable and creative culinary abilities, Donovan has always been keen in ensuring the quality of his performance as well as that of his team in order to attain their goals. He firmly believes in positive change and always looks for the best opportunities that would create upward mobility for those around him. Donovan is a recipient of an AAA Five Star Five Diamond award  and an Excellence Award for Outstanding Restaurant Lounge given by Petrossian Lounge and was recognized by the business press for having the best restaurant lounge in Las Vegas Food and wine.

Meet Chef Donovan

A Note from Chef

Growing up in Jamaica was amazing. Being the oldest of three kids was not easy, but somewhere in between growing up and playing I fell in love with cooking. After working at the Bellagio Resort for a few years since its opening in 1998, I got the opportunity to open Wynn Resort in 2005. During that time all executive chefs were given the opportunity to write a business plan proposal for a new restaurant concept. At that moment I saw the opportunity for a Jamaican restaurant concept. My concept was not chosen, but the dream stayed with me ever since.

Five Loaves and Two Fishes

I came close many times to getting the opportunity, but for some reason it was never the right time. (After allm if I can't do something properly I am not doing it at all.) But then in 2020 while working in Jamaica at the Grand Palladium Resort as Executive Chef, the vision came to me that I must pursue opening this Jamaican Restaurant. The original name I had in mind was Donovan Jamaican Restaurant, but I knew I must change the name to Five Loaves and Two Fishes Jamaican Cuisine. I didn't understand why that name, and to be honest I was scared to call it that. And so I fasted and prayed on it for a bit.

I have been chasing this dream for over 17 years, but this time I knew it was going to happen and so that is how the name Five Loaves and Two Fishes Jamaican Cuisine came about. I believe that the Lord does answer prayers.

I feel the name is a great conversation piece and I'm happy to be part of that conversation. The sermon on the mountain in Luke 9:13-14 was about a great word followed by a great meal. I know the meals will be delicious, so let’s start a great conversation!

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